Topic: application run after log out

is there any possibility to keep the application or application in webtop browser running after I log out from webtop?

Re: application run after log out

The applications are designed to run only when you use them. However, in the case of applications like Mail, it will continue and run even after you logout and receive email for you.

The file system is also always running in the background.

What this mean is that some of the applications that we have developed at CloudTop may continue and run, but then they also need to have some code running on our servers. If you develop your own application on CloudTop, you may run some of your code through XML Web Services on your own server and thereby have the application continue offline (like we have done for the Mail application).

Since the file system always is running in the background, CloudTop is almost like an always on, running computer and file server for you. You may access the API that sit behind your CloudTop desktop through the CloudMe API page (we run CloudTop on top of CloudMe's cloud drive), [url][/url]

You may also access your CloudTop hard drive through WebDAV and mount it as an hard drive on your computer using [url][/url]

Cheers, Daniel