Topic: Can I access the CloudTop online computer using WebDAV

Yes, with CloudMe you have full access to your online hard drive in CloudTop using WebDAV. Most computers also allow you to mount that CloudTop hard drive as a network drive, enabling you to view it on Windows, Mac and Linux just like you can see it within CloudTop.

You can find more information about CloudMe and WebDAV here: [url][/url]

Please note that both CloudTop and WebDAV use CloudMe as an Internet file system. In other words, the full potential of CloudMe is used, not only the Blue Folder of Cloud Drive / Documents / CloudMe, which is synced, but the ability to create folders and files that only are available on CloudMe and not synced to your local computer. If you need to have folders created using CloudTop or WebDAV synced to your local computer, please consult the advanced help for CloudMe Sync: