Topic: How do I customize CloudTop

You can customize CloudTop using the following methods:

1) Open the Marketplace app. Using Marketplace you can install or remove any app or widget on CloudTop, including which apps are present on the desktop or in the start menu. Apps on the desktop can also be dragged to the trashcan if you want to remove them.

2) Widgets can be removed by hovering them and clicking the "X" in the top right corner. New widgets can be added through the Marketplace or by right clicking the widget pane.

3) You can remove the widget pane by clicking the cogwheels in the taskbar next to the click in the bottom right corner. If you are not using the widget pane, close all widgets first by following step 2) above.

4) You can remove the taskbar by right clicking on the desktop and unchecking taskbar.

5) You can remove the topbar by right clicking on the desktop and unchecking topbar.

6) You can change the wallpaper by right clicking on the desktop and choosing properties. Here you can choose Wallpaper categories and choose from CloudTop, Hamad Darwish and Custom Color. If you choose custom color, you may have a single color and gradient as background instead of an image.

7) If you want to have your own picture as a wallpaper. Open Document Explorer, go to any folder, choose upload and upload a photo from your computer. Right click on the photo and choose Set as wallpaper

8) You can change the color of all grey transparent windows. Right click on desktop, choose Properties. Click on the Themes tab. Choose the color you like.

9) You can customize the look and file of the Console, command prompt application. Use the skin command to view available skins. Change skin by typing

skin c64
skin amiga

10) You can customize the look and feel of the Widget panel by right clicking the desktop, choosing Properties, clicking the General tab and then selecting your desired theme for the Sidebar (widget panel need to be set to visible first)

11) You can use CloudTop in 31 different languages. Choose your language when loging in or by choosing the desired language in the topbar.

12) You can change the size of the desktop icons by right clicking on the desktop, choose Icon Size.

13) Icons on the desktop can be positioned top-left (vertical), top-right (horizontal) or centered to the middle of the screen. Right click on desktop and choose Align.