Topic: What is CloudTop

CloudTop is a cloud web desktop built in HTML5. Originally CloudTop was called iCloud and operated on, but was later renamed to

What is unique with CloudTop is that it is built on top of a Client Application Server (XIOS/3), that enables most of the applications on CloudTop to run and executive within your browser. Other WebTop's often circle back to the server to generate its user interface, handle user input and interaction and run the application logic. This is not the case with CloudTop, since the user interface and application logic is running and executing on the client application server.

The server is used mainly for: 1) Booting the CloudTop, 2) Loading application code, 3) Loading/Saving documents and data changes (transactions).

CloudTop uses the service as its online hard drive. CloudMe is used to store user settings, documents and handles transactions and document security for CloudTop. CloudTop could potentially integrate to any cloud storage and use it as its online hard drive.

Applications in CloudTop are written in HTML5. This means that user interface components are all HTML developed in HTML + Javascript, application logic is also written in Javascript with the help of functionality in the Client Application Server. CloudTop have an XML-based user interface language for describing a user interface that make use of the HTML/Javascript components to build its user interface. Application data is bound to the user interface components using a declarative XML-based process language that also allow invocation of local application logic in Javascript or remote server-based application logic over REST or SOAP.

If you are curious about how any of the applications in CloudTop are built. Open the System Manager application. Click on the Views tab and then edit to view the source code. All source code for the apps in CloudTop if open to look at. You may even use the source code of an existing app to build you own. Some documentation is available in the Developer Documentation within CloudTop.

Please note that CloudTop is not a VDI or screen-cast solution. Everything you see if happening within the browser, is rendered within the browser and is only pure browser technology (HTML5).